The essay writing is the task which is written within limited word counts. You need to explain your point of view with the collected information and the selected topic. For this, the Essay Writing Service is available on the internet to assist you in drafting the papers on various topics. RESEARCHESSAY.CO.UK states that essay is written in different ways with different writing styles. Some of the types are mentioned below-

Narrative essay

The narrative essay is written to accomplish the certain purpose. This involves telling a story about person, place, thing or event. You should showcase the main point which you want to tell about the particular situation. By choosing the main point of the narrative will help you stick to it and begin your research around it. Narrative essay is a personalized essay which is written to relate to the target audience to catch their mind and encourage them to read further in order to reach the right conclusion. Provide all the deep details on the topic to make the clear picture in the readers mind.

Descriptive essay

As the name suggests the descriptive essay tells about the certain story. The writer should provide the complete details about the situation and let the reader feel that they are experiencing it firsthand. To write the descriptive essay you need to choose the place, person, object, event etc. and describe them with sensory details. Make use of the simple, compound, and complex sentences to make it more productive. Also, the use of active verbs will make the lively. Avoid the use vague language. You can also compare the things if you want to make the comparison more accurate.

Comparison and contrast essay

The comparison and contrast will help the reader to make a comparison between the two things to make the better choice. You must include the appropriate number of features and details which are sufficient for the reader to understand the comparison.

Argumentative essay

In the argumentative essay you need to build a claim and give evidence and examples to prove it. You can write an argumentative essay about the controversial idea, belief, and idea. You need to do extra research on the topic to support your essay. Use the real information throughout the essay to convince your audience. Also, you need to be aware of the audience that you want to target.

Cause and effect essay

In this,the writer gives detailed information about what is the cause of certain things which happens and why they happen. You can also state the points about what effect it will have on the future.

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